Documents Needed to Sell Land by Owner

Selling land by owner is an undertaking that requires thorough preparation and understanding of the legal and financial steps involved. Whether you’re downsizing your property holdings or cashing in on a valuable piece of land, the process differs significantly from selling a residential property. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the essential documents and steps needed to navigate this process successfully.

Preparing to Sell Your Land

Before listing your land for sale, gathering the necessary documents is crucial. These include:

  • Survey or Topographical Map: This shows property boundaries and features, aiding in visualizing the land’s limits.
  • Title to the Property: Verifies ownership and ensures there are no liens or encumbrances that could hinder the sale.
  • Recent Real Estate Appraisal: Provides an estimate of the land’s market value, considering factors like location, size, and nearby sales.
  • Real Estate Taxes Information: Buyers will be interested in the annual tax obligations associated with the property.

Understanding Key Legal Documents

When selling land by yourself, you’ll deal with several key legal documents:

  • Land Contract Options: Depending on the nature of your property, you may use an Unimproved Property Contract for land without improvements or a Farm and Ranch Contract for rural properties.
  • Property Disclosure Statements: Inform potential buyers of any known issues or hazards on the land.
  • Closing Statement: Details the financial aspects of the transaction.
  • Deed Preparation: The legal document that transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer.

The Selling Process

Listing Your Land for Sale

  • Preparing Your Land: Clean up the property to enhance its appeal and consider having a survey done to mark boundaries clearly.
  • Setting a Price: Determine a fair price based on the appraisal, the land’s potential uses, and how quickly you wish to sell.
  • Marketing: Utilize online platforms, local networks, and signage to reach potential buyers.

Finding Buyers and Negotiating the Sale

Selling to neighbors or family members can simplify the process, but it’s also worth casting a wider net to find the best offer. Be prepared to negotiate terms that satisfy both parties.

Legal and Tax Considerations

Taxes on Land Sales

Understand the tax implications, including capital gains tax, and how the sale will affect your property tax responsibilities.

Closing the Sale

Working with a title company can facilitate the transfer of ownership, ensuring all legal and financial obligations are met.

Alternatives to DIY Selling

For those looking for a simpler solution, selling to a real estate investor like Smooth Closing can offer a fast and hassle-free way to convert your land into cash. These investors often handle all paperwork and can close the deal quickly, providing a straightforward alternative to the traditional selling process.


Selling land by owner involves a detailed process that demands attention to legal documentation and a clear understanding of the financial and tax implications. By preparing thoroughly and considering all your options, you can navigate this process successfully and achieve a favorable outcome for your land sale.

If you’re looking to sell your land but are unsure about navigating the process alone, Smooth Closing is here to help. With our expertise in buying land directly from owners, we can offer a fast, fair, and hassle-free purchasing process. Call us today at (512) 368-9979 for assistance with your land sale.

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